Samuel Leopold, Program Manager The Center for Arts Education/Partnership with Children, New York City

Traci Molloy is an incredible leader and facilitator. I am confident that our teaching artists and social workers gained a lot from the thoughtfully crafted professional development session that she constructed for us. Through her work and leadership there is now a common understanding among our team of how each individual participant can help contribute to our collective goal.


Ellen Tepfer, Ph.D., Manager of Docent and Teaching Fellows Programs Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City

We were fortunate enough to have Traci Molloy join our educators to share her expertise and insight on trauma awareness for audience-centered engagement in the museum. As we started to bring our audience back after closing for Covid, we did so in with a community of visitors who had been through a range of challenges that had truly disrupted life, from Covid itself, to the reckoning with racial injustice, to the impact of extreme weather events, and more. Many visitors returned to the museum for comfort and community as much as for art and education and learning to engage our audience with a sensitivity to a range of experiences they were coming with became urgent. Traci provided a thoroughly professional scaffolding of information and insight tailored to our specific institutional needs, along with a care and empathy that was profoundly impactful on us all.

Carson Thurber, Head of School Stratton Mountain School, Stratton, Vermont

Traci Molloy has been working with Stratton Mountain School since 2020, facilitating Diversity and Inclusion conversations and trainings with our teachers, coaches, and students. Traci's thoughtful and considerate approach to these sensitive subjects is extraordinary. She’s cultivated a space for our staff to feel comfortable and speak openly, while also enabling learning. I would highly recommend Traci to help your school.  

Dr. Linda Olson, Professor in Sociology and Executive Director Castleton University Center for Social Justice and Trauma Informed Care, Castleton, Vermont

Traci Molloy has trained our college students on trauma-informed pedagogy for years. Students love her talk. They consistently rank her as their favorite guest speaker. Traci has also started educating Vermont area professionals (teachers, social workers, criminal justice advocates, and healthcare providers). She has become a very important partner for our Center for Social Justice and Trauma Informed Care.

Dan Napolitano, former Chief Diversity Officer Alfred University, Alfred, New York

As a grateful past partner, I’ve witnessed Traci Molloy's gift to countless communities through her creative and sensitive approach to engagement. She carefully identifies the community's impacting issues, while conscientiously working within the complicated structures of power and protocol. Traci guides her co-collaborators into accessible, shared art-making - cultivating ownership by many - and producing a powerful reflection of the concerns at hand. Her art experiences resonate well beyond the art-making process. 


Our collaboration "Against My Will," addressed the disturbing prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Such a triggering and discomforting exploration required a community commitment of counselors, panelists, survivors, professors, students, and other artists. Traci centered her work in trust with each individual, until her work became "our" work. The community impact was personal and persuasive. 

Katherine Martinez, Assistant Principal Voyages Prep High School, Queens, New York

Traci is a gift. Her impact on a community creates endless ripples among both students and staff.  Traci seamlessly became a part of the fabric of our school as an experienced navigator of the human condition, pedagogy and development. She develops and empowers the adults to lead our students in the creative process. Our community looks forward to “Traci Time” each school year. We are fortunate to have someone so thoughtful and caring guiding us in such important work.

Steven McIntosh, Arts Administrator Facilitator, New York City

Traci is a thoughtful, collaborative, participant-centered facilitator who is curious, creative, and kind. She brings a lot of knowledge, skill, and joy to the art-full spaces she co-creates. She is deeply invested in connecting with and learning from each community she works with.

Laura Gravino, Senior Director of Programming Bloomingdale School of Music, New York City

For months coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic I heard from my teachers that they were having a hard time with their students. I quickly realized many of us were not equipped to work with students coming out of a massive trauma on both social and emotional levels. Traci facilitated a trauma workshop for faculty and staff members which was full of impactful information, as well as artistic examples of the beauty that can come out of trauma-based teaching and learning practices. Traci approached our employees with compassion and a shared love of art making and arts education, clearly communicating, allowing space for questions and responses, and examples of how we can adjust our expectations, responses and teaching practices. Faculty left equipped with vocabulary and tools to take back to their classrooms. 

Sexual violence survivor Against My Will participant

Human language cannot sufficiently describe what it means for me to have been a part of “Against My Will.” Traci gave me a platform to share my story, and this time, I wasn’t completely alone with my trauma - I was alongside 21 other women who knew exactly how I felt. Traci saw in me an overflowing ocean of strength I had not yet recognized. To be able to connect with Traci and other survivors who had endured the trauma of someone taking advantage of you, someone asserting their power over you, was a connection so deep that “friendship” does not serve it justice. To be part of something so grand and real is far more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

Nicholas Merchant-Bleiberg, Principal Voyages Prep High School, Queens, New York

We've been partnering with Traci Molloy since September of 2021. When we first began working with Traci, we faced an unprecedented challenge: How do we transition an entire school community, after two years of isolation and trauma, back to a full, in-person school year? The answer was a schoolwide art project. Each person told their individual story through the creative process, and the halls and walls of our school told the collective story of how we came back together from COVID. 


Since that time Traci has become an integral part of our school. Each new project she’s facilitated has enabled learning and growth for classroom teachers, counselors, and students. We’ve experienced the power of learning, healing, and growing together as a community through the arts.

Former America’s Camp camper

I met Traci Molloy at America’s Camp when I was 8 years old back in 2003. My traumatic event happened two years prior. Due to my age and complexity of understanding loss, I didn’t have the tools or language needed to express what I was feeling. Traci opened up a new world of expression for me through art. The camp-wide collaborative art projects she facilitated helped me find my voice. I am extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Traci – her teachings and wisdom have forever impacted my life for the better. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without Traci and her collaborations.

Justin Rogers, Program Manager Inside Out Literary Arts, Detroit, Michigan

"Traci is a delight to plan with - thoughtful, considerate and informed in her approach. We collaboratively made a comprehensive plan that delivered our teaching staff a clear and concise yet hearty offering in regard to trauma-informed pedagogy. Highly recommended."

Sarah Stith, Early Childhood Educator San Antonio, Texas

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Traci on a family engagement workshop during COVID times. She designed a virtual workshop in which parents and teachers learned how to use plasticine clay to support student learning and engagement. Her Zoom presentation was fun, informative, and engaging, providing very doable activities for young students. Afterwards, attendees voiced their desire to attend more workshops with Traci because of her accessible, relatable style. I would work with Traci again in a heartbeat!

Art education major/student University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Using art to analyze history was powerful to see, and the way Traci modeled it was super helpful for me. I will continue this strategy in my own classroom. One big idea I took from Traci, was to focus on how someone lived and not how they died, and this shifted how I can think about my lesson planning
Meredith Sherman, LCSW, VP of Programs Partnership with Children, New York City

“Working with Traci Molloy is a wonderful experience from start to finish. She spends lots of time getting to know you and getting to know your organization’s needs before crafting a training agenda. My conversations with Traci were inspiring and thought-provoking…and those were just the prep calls! Traci’s workshop for our staff was truly tailored to our needs and was the starting point for lots more rich conversations.”

Sexual violence survivor Against My Will participant

The “Against My Will” project by Traci Molloy was probably one of the best things that has happened to me. My assault experience had drained me of so much joy and life, and this project helped me get out of my rut. This was one of the first times I shared my story, and it helped me gain my voice. Against My Will gave me the strength and courage to not only talk about the traumatic experiences I’d had, but to also stand up against one of my attackers and fight for justice. This kind of project needs to be seen everywhere. This project helped me to find my voice again and gave me the first shred of hope I’ve had in years. Thank you to Traci and everyone that helped bring it to being.

Former America’s Camp camper

The moment I met Traci Molloy, I knew she’d be in my life forever. I was a shy kid. Being able to express myself through art was a perfect way for me to process some of my trauma. When I entered the studio at America’s Camp, I was met with a room full of color and laughter, devoid of judgement or forced feelings. I would work quietly on my own pieces, surrounded by the safety of my friends and the unspoken bond of loss we all shared. At the end of the week, we would see how Traci put our individual art pieces together, unveiling one big collaborative project. It was the closest thing I’ll ever know to experiencing real magic. As an adult, I understand it wasn’t magic, but rather, the love and passion Traci empowered us with to make something memorable and powerful.

Dr. Wendy Miller, Professor of Art Education University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Having Traci Molloy work with my preservice art teachers provided an extended opportunity for students to see firsthand how to develop interdisciplinary art lessons and community art projects around difficult but necessary conversations. Traci’s strengths include her vast, rich experience working with diverse groups of people and focusing on ways participants can uplift voices in their community. Her approachable style of teaching and presenting allowed my students to see real-world examples of how art, education, and activism can work together and model ways to be more engaged and inclusive as educators.

Art education major/student University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

I learned from my time with Traci that we need to go deep into topics and not skim over the hard to talk about stuff. HOW and WHAT I teach is ultimately up to me. I have the power to discuss it or dismiss it and I will talk about these important issues because they are important to my students’ lives.